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Fuel FAQ

When it comes to fuel for stoves everyone knows somebody who has an opinion on which is the best should pay. Sadly most of the opinions are purely that and are based on hearsay and gossip. It is our selling and supplying wood should have a vested interest in offering materials with a high calorific content, a minimum of ash so that the customer chooses to use the same supplier time after time. Do not be that just because the supplier says it is good that they are telling the truth. An investment of around quality moisture metre will allow you to catch out the bandits selling useless wood.

Try and avoid purchasing bags of logs from Garden Centres, Garages, Retail outlets and the like. Bags a fall-back option as the price of those bags is prohibitive and whenever we explore the subject we majority of these outlets store the wood exposed to the elements.

The ideal time to purchase and source fuel is the summer and our target period is usually from May.

The quality of wood and it’s calorific content is a subject too detailed to cover here. Suffice to say, only burn “Seasoned Hard Wood” that is wood with an absolute maximum moisture content of 20% or Kiln dried wood.

If you plan to source and store your own wood try and avoid conifers and ensure that you chop and such a way that there is a flow of air through the stack but that the wood is protected from rain.

Log Stores. The ideal way to store wood is in a log store. A bigger store can be built for long-term storage garden but it is practicable to have a smaller store nearer to your door so that you don’t have a long wet winter months. The concept is simple, raised off the floor, the log store should have a solid roof, and be open to the air. You can see examples at our shop and we can provide bespoke stores delivered that are very easily assembled or we can assemble them for you.

Multi-fuel stoves. We will never discourage you from purchasing a multi-fuel stove however we only Remember that a wood-burning stove is for wood only and multi-fuel stoves burn smokeless fuels, briquettes, and wood. Under no circumstances should you burn old fashioned coal.

Ideally your wood will be Hard Wood and you will always purchase it by volume rather than weight. will never get any heat from wet wood!

Ensure that any smokeless fuel you purchase is marketed and designed for use on stoves. Smokeless without a bed of ash and requires air from underneath. We do not mix smokeless fuel and wood as gives an optimum performance from your stove. Remember it is ideal to purchase your smokeless months and buy a larger quantity as it will vastly reduce your costs. Smokeless fuels can easily be shed or suitable bunker. We have a range of coal and smokeless fuel bunkers available.

You must not under any circumstances use coal on your stove

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